Canada Goose stock becomes public and leads to Toronto protests

by | Mar 16, 2017 | Biz/Tech, Life, News

By: Jefferson Marshall

Canada Goose jackets have kept people warm through harsh winter environments since 1957 and have been plagued by animal rights activists’ protests for nearly as long. Now that the company has gone public in the Toronto and New York stock markets controversy has erupted once again.

The iconic Canada Goose jackets being worn on a summit in Antartica (COURTESY – Gaelen Marsden)

The Toronto-based company known for using coyote fur on many of their products, started trading publicly Thursday morning as protestors gathered outside the Toronto Stock Exchange to show their anger towards Canada Goose.

“Consumers are upset because Canada Goose kills animals and just to take their feather and fur,” said animal rights organization PETA representative Kate Tuggle in a press release, “There are videos online of coyotes getting caught in traps being bludgeoned, stomped on, or shot to death.”

The group outside the TSX was made of protestors wearing wolf masks holding signs with Canada Goose’s CEO Dani Reiss face crossed out.

“I would go out and protest,” said Kinesiology student at University Guelph Humber Emma Donnelly. “[Canada Goose] use it [the fur] more for fashion more than function. There’s no need to have fur around our face and if there was, we would have adapted as humans to have it.”

In their stock market debut Canada Goose’s holding shares impressively climbed 40%. The company however did comment on the protest.

PETA is already planning to counter the outerwear company’s stock success by purchasing $4,000 worth of the stock. It’s an economic strategy that PETA has used for decades.

With Canada Goose not looking to change their style any time soon PETA advises consumers to be aware of what they’re buying.

“Always shop compassionately, and let your loved ones know that you won’t be buying Canada Goose items as long as they keep using fur and down.” said Tuggle