Ashbridges Bay Park getting a bike rental stand

Mar 31, 2017 | Arts, Life

By: Helena Shlapak

Toronto has issued a request for proposals to run a bike-rental stand in Ashbridges Bay Park just like the one on the Toronto Islands.

If approved, the bike-rental stand could get residents cycling as early as May 1, said Councillor Mary-Margaret McManhon, Beaches-East York (Ward 32).

“It’s always been my idea when I first got elected in 2010 to animate the beach more than it is,” McManhon said. “It’s (Ashbridges Bay Park) great for swimming but there’s more that can be done down there.”

McManhon said the bike-rental stand will be great for the park as residents want to be outside. The trail is a leisurely ride and something families and single people can do for exercise and fresh air.

“It’s (biking) a fantastic way to tour the city,” she said.

Until the stand is approved, Torontonians have other options for bike-rentals that aren’t on the Toronto Islands.

Torontonians and tourists on the go can grab a bike from one of the more than 200 Bike Share Toronto stations scattered across the city. For more traditional and unique rentals, there are a slew of bike shops that will loan anyone a bike.