Canadian school trips to U.S. cancelled amid safety concerns

by | Feb 13, 2017 | News

By: Danielle Furtado

An Ontario school board has decided to cancel upcoming U.S. school trips that were planned for Greater Essex County schools.

The Greater Essex County District School Board in southwestern Ontario has cancelled all trips that were planned for February and April.

“At the moment we have suspended any U.S field trips,” said Scott Scantlebury, the Public Relations Officer of the Greater Essex County District School Board.

When asked about the main concern of why the school trips to the U.S. have been cancelled, Scantlebury said there is, ‘’lack of clarity.’’

“It is still very uncertain … It will be suspended until the end of the month [February].” Scantlebury said without elaborating.

The board says it will reassess their decision throughout the academic year.

The Ontario Ministry of Education said the decision to cancel all trips is in the interest of all students

“When it comes to extracurricular activities and field trips, school boards determine the best course of action for their students,” said Heather Irwin, the Media Relations Coordinator for the ministry.

Safety is also another huge aspect that the school boards needs to consider when it comes to travelling to another country.

“We expect that school boards are prioritizing the safety and security of our children and is putting their best interest first,” said Irwin.

U.S. school trips can be a huge learning experience for students in Canada. There are alternative trips that can still give educational information.

“We encourage going to trips in the community,’’ said Scott Scantlebury. “There’s wealth of opportunities and there is easier access to get to them.” He adds.

Students have many different chances of going to educational activities across Canada and abroad.

As for now the suspension continues on all school trips to the U.S. for the Greater Essex County District School Board.