Humber takes on Canada Statistics population census

by | Feb 9, 2017 | News

By: Hailey DeWitt Williams and Sukh Toor

Immigration is a key factor in Canada’s increasing population, especially in booming multicultural cities like Toronto.

According to a Statistics Canada census, Canada’s population in 2016 stands at 35, 151, 728. That’s an increase of 5 per cent since the last census in 2011.

Immigrants accounted for two thirds of the increase, the census report stated.

Canada’s population is leading in growth numbers among the G7 countries. Calgary has the highest growth rate, at 14.6 per cent of any metropolitan city.

Also, the census shows that Canada is becoming increasingly urbanized, with 83 per cent of the population living in cities.

Toronto maintains its’ largest city title with 2, 731, 571 residents. While, Humber College continues to see many international students.

Navjot Saini moved to Canada from India two months ago. He is studying fashion arts at Humber College.

“It’s been two months now, a very hard two months,” Saini said about adjusting to life in Canada.

We spoke to several other Humber College students to hear about their experiences. Many of them immigrated themselves, and others are first or second generation Canadians.