The fight for IGNITE Presidency

Feb 6, 2017 | Campus News

By: Danielle Furtado

It’s that time of the year again, IGNITE will be looking for a new President of the student council at Humber College.

Applications for candidates that want to run closed on Friday. The final candidate list is expected to be announced with two weeks and the battle is officially on.

Some tables have turned for one specific young woman who was determined to be IGNITE’s newest president.

Mikki Decker, a super passionate Guelph-Humber Student was eliminated from being able to run in the elections because her grades.

“IGNITE did everything in their power to not have me run. I was fired because of a policy change, I can’t run even though I am on honour roll,” Mikki Dekker, told Humber News.

‘’IGNITE didn ‘t allow me to run because of my grades from three semesters,’’ said Decker.

“I’m just confused on where our student government went,” said Decker. “I didn’t see them at any meetings that I attend. I’m just confused on where the leadership went.”

Back in October there was a controversial $400,000 rebranding project and Decker spoke against it.

“They have in no shape or form have been respectful towards me and towards other students,” added Decker.

But the current president for IGNITE, Ahmed Tahir, said they did not exclude anyone but the rules are tough for all students.

‘’There are regulations there made to make sure people in the position can serve students properly,” Tahir said.

Preparations are underway and the final details and dates are yet to be declared.

Tahir called on all those running  to look into the application process and get ready for the big job.

“Passion is huge especially because there are going to be times where you will have tough decisions to make and you have to figure out how to make those calls,” said Tahir.