Uniqlo manufacturing hijab clothing line

by | Jan 27, 2017 | Life, News

UK designer Hana Tajima collaborated with global brand Uniqlo to create a traditional clothing line, which features a line of hijabs. Source: Creative Commons, Lyman Erskine.

By: Sukh Toor

Fashion giant Uniqlo is producing a traditional clothing line that caters to women who wear hijab headscarves.

The Uniqlo brand is minimalist and places importance on social responsibility. The new HANA TAJIMA line, which includes hijab headscarves, also features relaxed jeans, outerwear and long dresses.

Amina Baalawy , 20,  a second year ECE student who is a practicing Muslim and wears a hijab, said the new line will make it easier for her to find clothes.

She shops at many popular stores that cater to young adults, but finds herself having to hunt down clothes that adhere to her cultural values.

“I have to find long sleeves or if they’re short sleeves I have to find something to wear over it or under it, ” Baalawy said.  “This whole thing is a great idea because it’ll be easier for me to shop like just going shopping for school clothes.”

Paul Harris, a Humber College marketing professor, said Uniqlo have done their research and understand the needs of their targeted audience.

“This is a major statement to Muslim women in a sense, that if they want this we are providing them,” Harris said

He said this should have an overall positive outcome, and wouldn’t be surprised if other fashion lines and stores introduced a similar marketing strategy.

Hassan Elbaytam, 26, President of Humber’s Muslim Student Association, said Uniqlo is making a statement that there doesn’t have to be a tug-and-pull between modesty and religion.

“They can finally wear new fashion and not sacrifice religious beliefs for it. I hope more clothing lines follow the trend,” he said.