Applied Research at Humber goes Unnoticed

Dec 16, 2016 | News

The Applied Research office at Humber College, North campus room D236.

The Applied Research and Innovation department at Humber College wants more students to get involved.

“We’ve been around for a while, but not a lot of students know who we are and what we can offer them,” said research assistant, Michelle Bezzetto.

The Applied Research and Innovation department at Humber College connects faculty and student research teams with external industry and community partners to help solve a problem.

“The project may involve building a prototype, or developing a new company website, or helping an organization better reach their audience…any type of project that is innovative and helps the partner solve a practical problem they are facing in their industry,” said Bezzotto.

The department holds research series where students can meet with faculty to brainstorm and learn about specific topics.

The series runs until May 24, each week highlighting a new topic, the last topic before holiday break was Grant Writing 101 held at the North Campus last Monday.

“This session is specific to providing support and answers to people who want to apply for funding… there’s a lot of tips and tricks that we can provide,” said senior research officer, Laura Keating.

“We want to provide skill sets that can be applicable throughout a number of areas, a session like this would benefit students who are applying for scholarships or grants for their own business,” said Keating.

Keating said getting involved with applied research helps students build on what they’ve learned in class and work with professionals on a real world problem, potentially leading to a full time job.

The newly renovated department is located at the North Campus, D224, where there are collaborative spaces for students and faculty to work.

The research series will begin again after the break on Jan. 20, 2017