Remembrance Day: Moment of silence at Humber

by | Nov 11, 2016 | News

By: Sargon Jajjo

Hundreds staff, students and community members gathered at Humber’s North Campus concourse to honour members of the military on Remembrance Day.

The event, hosted byHumber journalism professor Carey French, included the playing of the national anthem, the reading of Flanders Field, and several bagpipe players.

Ahmed Tahir, president of the student group Ignite, said events like Remembrance Day that bring the community together which is important for the college.

“The community cares about these kinds of things,” said Tahir. “I think we all recognize how lucky we are to be in Canada.”

Tahir also told Humber News that on days like this everyone expresses the same views and respect.

“It’s a great reminder that we share more in common.”

During the service, French alluded to the important battle of Vimy Ridge and how costly the battle was for Canadians.

“We’re coming to the 100th anniversary of April 9th 1917, the first day of Vimy Ridge …  When the butcher’s bill was 10,000 causalities – 4,000 fatal,” said French.

The battle was one of the first moments during the First World War. After it, the Canadian military emerged from Britain’s shadow and prepared an attack in France against the Germans.

Both Britain and France had previously attempted to overtake Vimy, but both were unsuccessful. The battle also marked the first time all four Canadian divisions fought together. Nearly 12,000 Canadians died during the battle.

Remembrance Day is celebrated every year in Canada, on Nov. 11 at the 11th hour. A moment of silence is held at 11:11 on the designated day, to mark an appreciation for all the members who have made sacrifices due to war.

The day also honours all those who were killed during the First World War, the Second World War, the Korean War and other peacekeeping missions Canadians have participated in.

With many Canadians partaking in a moment of silence across the country, the National Ceremony for Remembrance Day is held in Ottawa annually.