IGNITE halfway to $400K

by | Oct 20, 2016 | Campus News

(Jimmy Kakish)

Brandon Richard-Austin, Tyler Bloomfield, Erian Amor De Los Reyes, Ken Kellar, Alana MacLeod

The total amount of money spent so far on the process to rebrand the Humber Students’ Federation as the IGNITE Student Union has jumped to more than $200,000 from $167,000 on Oct. 5.

IGNITE released their categorized budget for the rebrand on Wednesday following a Special Meeting of the Members that provided a categorized breakdown of how they spent the$207,253.89 as of Oct. 19.

The motion to legally change the name from the Humber Students Federation (HSF) to the IGNITE Student Union was passed today at the Special Meeting of the Members. The name HSF will now be obsolete and all of the student federations legal papers will now feature the IGNITE brand.

The meeting kicked off with an unopposed motion to pass the agenda followed by an update on the rebrand by President Ahmed Tahir. His presentation outlined all of the reasons for the rebrand. The main concern being was that Guelph-Humber students did not feel like they were effectively represented by the HSF brand.

“There are three really big reasons that this IGNITE rebrand process went through,” said Tahir.

“Number one was the confusion with the former HSF and Guelph-Humber Association, Guelph-Humber students not knowing which organization to go to for any issues. The other one was being different on campus and not being blended in with everything happening on campus and making sure that students know that we exist… And lastly, as well, the terms like student federation, student government, student union were limiting what students understood that we did.”

A question period followed and Tahir fielded questions from students from North and Lakeshore campuses about the rebrand.

The stage was then turned over to Executive Director Ercole Perrone who offered a brief explanation of some of the figures in the 2015-2016 Financial Audit that the Board of Directors approved at their last meeting on Oct. 12.

Students who attended asked questions surrounding the budget for the rebrand and when that information would be released.

Tahir responded that it would be released “very, very soon.”

IGNITE posted the rebrand finance breakdown after the meeting.