67 Ontario grocery stores start selling wine

by | Oct 28, 2016 | News

By: David Tuchman

Wine started going on sale at a number of Ontario grocery stores on Friday, and customers were surprised and happy about it.

“It’s a lot easier than making another trip to the LCBO [if] I can buy my groceries at the same time,” said Maya Knobil, who recently switched to buying groceries at a west end Toronto Loblaws store.

Knobil, who didn’t know the sales were starting today, said the idea was a “really good” one.

“It’s a lot easier than going to LCBO,” she said.

Another customer, Jared Karmiol also said it makes shopping easier.

“It’s more about convenience,” he said.

“Realistically if I’m feeling lazy I will walk to the grocery store and get myself some wine.”

In September, the Liquor Control Board of Ontario selected 13 grocery organizations after a fierce bidding process for licenses.

“Being able to make one stop to pick up wine alongside other groceries will help make everyday life easier for Ontarians,” Ontario Finance Minister Charles Sousa said in a statement Friday.

“Opening up this new retail channel for wine producers will also help encourage business to thrive while delivering economic growth and job creation in Ontario’s beverage alcohol, agriculture and tourism sectors.”

Before, under previous rules, Ontario grocery stores were limited in their sale of wine to kiosks set apart from other shelving.

Last year, grocery stores began selling beer and cider.

Originally, wine could only be bought at LCBO, Wine Rack stores,  farmers’ markets, or vineyards

“Eventually, up to 450 grocery stores will be authorized to sell beer and cider and, of these, up to 300 may also sell wine,” the government said in a media release in September.