Social media, branding focus of Humber #LaunchxSocial event

by | Apr 14, 2016 | Biz/Tech

Humber hosted #LaunchxSocial Wednesday to discuss social and online media. (Photo: Brianne Cail)

Humber hosted #LaunchxSocial Wednesday to discuss social and online media. (Photo: Brianne Cail)

Brianne Cail & Krysten McCumber

Social media experts and bloggers gathered at Humber this week to discuss the industry for entrepreneurs, as well as share tips for personal users, as well

Humber Lakeshore’s #LaunchxSocial event was held Wednesday, hosting three social media experts and bloggers to discuss the industry for entrepreneurs.

Adam Sanders, Andrew Bartucci and Brock McLaughlin made up the #LaunchxSocial experts at Humber Lakeshore’s campus.

The three panelists shared widespread knowledge of the social media industry in Canada and how to make it work for a brand or company.

Bartucci, who studied Public Relations at Humber and now does social media for the Insurance Bureau of Canada, summed up success on social media in three words: consistency, presence, actively network.

“A personal brand or effective presence doesn’t just happen overnight. You need to really invest the energy and time to connect with people and develop your personal online persona,” Bartucci told Humber News.

The event had the panelists answering scripted questions, followed by the audience asking their own.

McLaughlin, an avid blogger and online media expert for many companies, had some key advice and it’s all about visuals, especially video.

“Everyone should be incorporating videos into their online world,” he said. “We all have smartphones, which makes it so easy to shoot some footage anywhere we are.”

The experts all agreed video is the current trend, but understanding media, how it changes every day and how to use that to advance online is what will keep brands ahead of the curve.

“Being on the platforms and in the world allows you to experience and contribute to the changes,” Bartucci said.

“Online media is our media. We dictate as much as the developers who create and update the platforms.”

McLaughlin told Humber News social media isn’t always the easiest world to dive into and if you lose momentum someone else will be there to take the spotlight.

“There are plenty of hurdles, but that’s what makes the online world so interesting. If you can’t jump high enough you’re going be left behind, and that’s where I’ll come in and sneak that brand out from under you,” he said.

All three panelists agreed on one factor of being online: communication. There was constant discussion coming back to the idea of getting out there and talking to people, other brands and companies.

Whether interacting with followers or studying similar companies and brands, being present and vocal online is a necessity.

“Immerse yourself into the online world and study how your favourite brands and organizations communicate online,” Bartucci said.

“And by communicate online I don’t just mean look at their Twitter feed. Instead, study the way they engage with their consumers and how they craft their web experience for users.”

Most of the topics at #LaunchxSocial surrounded entrepreneurs using social media, but many tips were shared for personal users.

For students looking to advance their personal brand on social media, McLaughlin has two tips for beginners.

“Don’t be afraid to take chances, make mistakes and, like all college kids should, experiment,” he told Humber News.

“Oh, and never use click bait. I hate click bait.”

Below is a list of the key things to know from each panelist at #LaunchxSocial.