Legal Aid session at Humber North

Apr 14, 2016 | Biz/Tech, International, News

(Google Images: The Blue Diamond Gallery)

(Google/The Blue Diamond Gallery)

Jessenia Feijo and Gabrielle Austin

When interviewing for a new job, it can be awkward to talk about what it pays.

More often than not, people in that position don’t know what to say.

Because of that, Humber North campus had an Employment Standards and Labor Law session with a lawyer from Legal Aid, Carl Kaufman, along side his assistant, Genevieve D’lorio, in hopes to open the eyes of their students and faculty.

“I work with Legal Aid. Do you know what it is?” Kaufman said as he opened the session.

The blank stares within the crowd showed that it was clear no one in the room knew what Legal Aid was.

The session had interactive situations, ones the Kaufman deals with on a day-to-day basis. They were used as an example to show the audience that in a city like Toronto, these things happen all the time.

“Why should you know the law?” he throws to the crowd.

Well, Kaufman said, its simple:

  • You get to know your rights.
  • When employers try to cheat you, you can protect yourself.
  • Know that in the law, they only state the minimum. It is up to the employer if they wish to do more, but they cannot do less.

Samantha Clement, a Humber 3D Animation student, attended the event and was taking notes through out.

Clement said this is something she found out about, and is happy she attended ,seeing how beneficial it can be for her current situation: looking for a job.

Quoting Kaufman, Clement said, “Knowing what the law says, I can now compare between different employers,” and a big topic in this session was job applications.

“Newcomers don’t know the law right away. It’s not fair but that’s they way it works. When it comes down to it, they [landlord, employers] will win,” said Kaufman.

In those cases, this is where Legal Aid could be as the name suggests, an aid.

“Legal Aid is for people who don’t have much money right now. They will give you advice that won’t cost you anything. Take it,” said Kaufman.