‘Humber Art Awakens’ winners announced

Apr 7, 2016 | Arts, Life

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Rebecca Pilozo-Melara and Greg Chow

The winners of the Humber Students’ Federation sponsored event “The Art Awakens” have been announced, but according to the event coordinator, everyone was a winner.

“Giving students a platform to be recognized and celebrated each year is very important to us,” said Maggie Hobbs, director of student events at Humber College.

Hobbs previously shared with Humber News that according to experts, the artwork submitted in previous years has met professional artistic standards.

Hobbs said this year’s winners met a professional level of artistic standards.

She previously told Humber News that the high level of talent is an annual occurrence.

More than 130 art pieces were submitted in March from full-time and part-time Humber College students.

Students were able to submit their work in numerous categories: 3D art and mixed media, colour photography, monochromatic photography as well as painting and drawings.

In the 3D art and mixed media category, the winning piece went to  ‘Requiem For a Dream’ by Zoran Dragojevic.

Winners from various colour photography categories included ‘I Shouldn’t Have Gone. But I was cold.’ by Daniel MW Buehler, and ‘Patient’ by Shawn Sosa.

In the monochromatic photography genre ‘Ashes to Ashes’ by Kevin Green took home the first place prize.

In paintings and drawings, first place and the juror’s pick  went to ‘Eyedentity’ by Moises Frank.

Art Awakens Media Relations officer Rick Henriques says it was a great turnout.

“We’ve got amazing submissions and I’m really impressed. Overall the quality of the pieces and submissions was impressive,” he said.

The event has taken place for nearly 30 years and is organized by second-year public relations advanced diploma students.