No March break for March Madness

by | Mar 11, 2016 | Sports

Greg Chow

Get your brackets set, NCAA March Madness starts in less than a week.

For first-time particpants, or even basketball fans in general, getting prepared for this nearly month long event can be daunting.

The tournament will feature 68 teams, a top Canadian prospect in Kentucky Wildcat Jamal Murray, and even an appearance from an ivy league school, Yale, who hasn’t appeared in the tournament since 1962.

First, the math. According to mathematician and writer Lou Carlozza, to predict the 67 wins it takes a lot of luck.

Here is some game footage of Murray in action.

“Might as well be magic, as the odds have been estimated anywhere from more than 1 in 4 billion to 1 in 9,223,372,036,854,775,808,” told Humber News in a statement.

The tournament is more than just the numbers and stats. The tournament acts as a launching pad for NBA prospects to impress scouts just in time for the NBA draft lottery.

In common terms, everyone is super competitive. Here are some special players to keep an eye on, as the NCAA retweeted to Humber News.

With so many games to watch and certain games being broadcasted in different time zones, another concern might be how to watch games they missed or is there a way to live stream?

Apple users are in luck for the 2015-2016 tournament.

“We believe Apple TV is the perfect platform to experiment with this and bring the two together in a shared environment,” said Lisa Estrin, an NCAA Digital Lead, told Humber News.

Apple TV users the ability to watch 2 games side-to-side, a feature exclusive to Apple. For non-apple users, nothing has been announced yet but the NCAA app is available on both the Apple and Android store, while live streaming will just be limited to U.S. citizens.

Finally, the challenge to make your experience even more thorough, CBS sports has a help page for fans, groups and stats addicts. If apps aren’t your thing, follow NBA TV’s J.E. Skeets advice given to Humber News.