Get ready to ‘Spring Forward’ on March 13

by | Mar 11, 2016 | Life

Daylight Savings at 2AM on March 13. (Courtesy Google Images)

Daylight Savings is happening at 2AM on March 13. (Google Images)

Aluen Navarro Fenoy

Nice weather isn’t the only change that will be taking place in Ontario, daylight savings time is nearly here.

The time will change on March 13 at 2 am, which means that the clocks are going forward hour.

This is known as ‘Spring Forward,’ which simply means that it will be lighter outside in the evening by one hour.

Ontario Provincial Police (OPP) Sergeant Kerry Schmidt says  the OPP haven’t been called for accidents related to daylight savings.

“I’ve heard people say that there has been accidents (due to daylight savings) but it’s not enough to tell if people are fatigued enough to crash,” says Sgt. Schmidt.

Sgt. Schmidt reports that there are more chances of accidents in the summer time due to speeding.

Sgt. Schmidt explains that speeding occurs more in the summertime because the roads are dry. The high speeds increase single collisions on the roads.

University student, Crystal Alfaro, says she doesn’t notice much of a difference in daylight time savings and there is no real affect on her.

“I like driving at night because it’s more soothing, but sometimes I get stressed when the weather is bad and I get scared,” says Alfaro.

A drive from University to home for Alfaro takes about four hours, which is something that she feels comfortable doing in the summertime.

“I would prefer to drive during the daytime because you can see things more clearly,” she added.

An extra hour of daylight is something that people can look forward to along with the warmer temperatures.