Candidates for the 2016 HSF election

Mar 4, 2016 | News

Serge Halystky and Gabrielle Austin

Presidential Candidates


Joel Caldarola

The idea behind Joel’s entire platform is that students should be getting the most for their money. Students are paying a lot of money to attend school and for HSF to operate, Caldarola thinks these funds should be spent wisely.  If elected, Joel’s goal would be to make sure, that Humber students’ get their money’s worth.

Joel has never worked with HSF, so his decision to run for the president  comes from a desire for improvement.  He thinks HSF is going in the right direction in a number of ways. His take on the presidency is not about the year spent in the office, but about the legacy he’d leave behind.



Ahmed Tahir

 “The two biggest points of my platform are U-pass, which would make it so much easier for students to take transit in the whole GTA and get to school. Secondly, another big point is student housing, so that students have a good place to live that’s priced well and also good quality. Helping students with their rights, whether it’s in the classroom, working, or renting a house.




Board of Directors North Candidates

NNEKA_1043s-230x230  Agulefo Nneka Sophie


She believes that as “a passionate, dedicated and focused Humber student” she will be that intermediary to make students’ voices count.


Osman BeyleOSMAN_1065s-230x230 Believes that he should be elected  because of his community involvement, character and values.  






MUHAMMAD_1081s-230x230Muhammad Gill

According to his classmates he is approachable, responsible and knowledgeable.  Gill promises to bring to HSF leadership skills required to initiate, maintain and execute projects that will enhance the Humber experience.



Markus LaanesMARKUS_1028s-230x230


Wants to make sure that student voices are heard.

He would like to make HSF more transparent and accountable by focusing on the best interests of Humber students.




ROXANNE_1051s-230x230Roxanne Smith


Claims 3 virtues: Inclusivity, student advocacy and accountability.






VP Student Affair North Candidates

Sugandhi Bassi SUGHANDI_1206s-230x230

Believes she is a good leader, based on her morals and values.








LANCE_1111s-230x230Lance Constantine 


Says student resources and accessibility are his focus.






Rostant KanickROSTANT_1156s-230x230


Is ambitious on making affordability, healthy food and lab resources his main focus for this election.







SHELBY_1134s-230x230Shelby Travers


Is determined to make changes for on-campus student issues like food costs and accessibility.







VP Student Life North/Guelph-Humber

Ammar Abdul-RaheemAMMAR_1237s-230x230


Is hoping for re-election because has fallen in love with being able to bring positive changes for students.




KOBI_1198s-230x230Kobi Adjey Yeboah


Hopes to make many memories in students’ lives through helping host a variety of events.





Adel MohammedADEL_11912-230x230


Says he wants everything he does to be what is the best for students.






Lakeshore Positions

Board of directors


NIKO_1036s-230x230Niko Capriotti

Promises to do his best to make HSF better than the last year.






Robert LedgerROBERT_1093s-230x230


Promises to dedicate himself to the betterment of students’ campus life.







CHAAHATH_1070s-230x230Chaahath Singh


Is motivated to work for social causes and play an integral role in HSF.





Nadine SutherlandNADINE_1058s-230x230


Has a dream for the  Humber Board of Directors to be more reflective of diversity.






VP Student Affairs lakeshore Campus:

ANNA_1176s-230x230Anna Bilan


Wants students to remember that their dreams are her goals.






Nicolas DavenportNICK_1105s-230x230


Aims to promote, improve, create.






MARTIN_1170-310-230x230Martin Fortunado


Says he’s taking initiative to re-work the printing credit at Humber North.






Jason GoolJASON_1128s-230x230


Used his last name to coin a term G.O.O.L, which stands for Goals, Opportunities, Options, and Life. Gool plans to bring the term to life here at Humber if elected.





MAGGIE_1097s-230x230Magdeline Srouji 


Believes she can use her personality and charm to act as a voice for Humber students once elected.






VP Student Affairs Guelph-Humber:

Maja Jocson


Will focus on self-growth, collaboration and making a difference.







GRACE_1162s-230x230Grace Parker


Wants to improve students’ life by helping them to find their voice.





Warren SchloteWARREN_1229s-230x230


Will continue to advocate for academic excellence, personal growth and development of the key skills.






Board of Directors Candidates


placeholderEmma Kelly


Dedicated to bringing Guelph-Humber’s distinct voice to HSF and advocate to resolve challenges particular to GH.











Candidates Joel Kamalando, Kayla Cribari, Daniel Roque didn’t submit platforms or pictures.