Trudeau to make history by walking in Toronto Pride parade

by | Feb 23, 2016 | News

Toronto's Pride parade in 2007. (Luke Hollins/Flickr)

Toronto’s Pride parade in 2007. (Luke Hollins/Flickr)

Natalia Vega

Prime Minister Justin Trudeau will make history this summer when he walks in Toronto’s Pride parade on July 3.

Trudeau has previously marched in the parade, however, this year will mark the first time a sitting PM has taken part in the event. 

Many notable names will be taking part in the parade including Toronto Mayor John Tory, Premier Kathleen Wynne, federal Finance Minister Bill Morneau.

John Farrell, Director of Philanthropy for the 519 Toronto community centre, said having so many politicians participate in the parade shows great support.

“The fact that Mayor Tory and the Premier and other politicians are going to participate with Toronto Pride and march in the parade, it’s all good from our point of view,” said Farrell.

“We’re very grateful to the politicians who recognize how important our communities are.”

However, the fact that this will be the first time Canada’s prime minister will be marching holds more significance.

“We think it’s absolutely amazing,” said Farrell.

“We’re so delighted that the work we do in our community in this very important celebration of LGBTQ life is being recognized as something that the prime minister of Canada wants to  be involved in and wants to be supportive of.”

He said the 519 is Canada’s largest supporter for Toronto’s LGBTQ community and operate their own events during Toronto pride.

“We organize a series of events under the green space festival banner and that happens traditionally the last Pride weekend,” said Farrell.

Natalie Elisha, Humber’s LGBTQ+ Resource Centre Coordinator, said although nothing can be confirmed yet, plans are being made for Humber’s participation in Pride. 

She said Trudeau’s presence as Canada’s prime minister is symbolic and sends a strong message.

“It tells people that homophobia is not okay and actually coming together in a day of celebration is something we should all  be doing,” said Elisha.

Pride month in Toronto starts June 1.