New TTC report shows some improvements

by | Feb 26, 2016 | Arts, News

(Flikr/Danielle Scott.)

(Flikr/Danielle Scott)

Clare Jenkins and Britnei Bilhete

The TTC’s 2015 Chief Executive Officer’s Report results have been released.

According to the document, customer satisfaction has gone up by five percent every year since 2012. “That is the result of years of hard work by my team. It takes time to change customer’s perceptions,” said CEO Andy Byford.

Although satisfaction among TTC riders has generally improved, frequent TTC riders are actually reporting a decrease in customer satisfaction.

The transit commision data was compiled through surveys which were based on customer’s perception of the last TTC trip they took.

Over the last year, the TTC has seen reductions in late starts, short turns, incidents and the duration of these incidents.

Subways are becoming increasingly punctual and train performance is up and over target. Ridership statistics are not available yet.

There are plans for improvements in reliability and consistency and Wheel-Trans eligibility in 2016.

In the coming year there will be 30 weekend line closures which may result in public parking closures so buses can operate faster. Vice Chair Allen Hiesy criticized the practice saying, “It’s not rocket science” and that it shouldn’t be done again in future.

“We’re biting the bullet,” Byford said, adding the TTC are working on improvements that should have been done years ago.

The TTC held its first employee of the year gala on February 16 to thank 3 line 2 subway operators; John Bethune, Patrick McLaughlin and Neil Preece for their work which reduced delays resulting in a more comfortable journey for TTC riders.

“Our winners tonight reflect the best of the best and their example reinforces my unwavering belief that world class service can only be delivered through a well-led, highly motivated team whose efforts and hard work are overtly acknowledged,” Byford on the night of the award ceremony.

A pyramid structure called the Rewards and Recognition program was developed which acknowledges the excellent performance of operators focussing on: innovation, teamwork, customer service and leadership.

The TTC plans to make excellent performance a norm across the board according to Byford.

Thursday also marked the 50th anniversary for the Bloor-Danforth subway line, also known as Line 2.