Humber showcases 100 years of fashion

Feb 25, 2016 | Arts, Life

Jessenia Feijo and Gabrielle Austin

Humber Lakeshore fashion students are honouring different eras of fashion this week.

The event, 100 years of Fashion, looks at clothing from the 1890s to the 1990s. It is an annual exhibit at the college’s Lakeshore campus and gives students the opportunity to display their work and provides the public with insight on the progression of fashion throughout the years.

This year’s theme is eveningwear.

What makes this year’s exhibit stand out is the number of prominent Canadian designers who are featured in the exhibit, including Sunny Choi and Alfred Sung.

In addition to the pieces from the two well known Canadian designers, there are collections from two private collectors as well as items from Humber Fashion professor Robert Wain.

1890s era styled by Humber Lakeshore Fashion students and faculty.

1890s era styled by Humber Lakeshore Fashion students and faculty.

Ashley Watson, Curator of Humber Galleries and Collections, said because Humber doesn’t have garments that they can pull a display from, it’s a good partnership between the various groups.

“This is a really nice partnership between the students, program and collectors, who have what the students need to bring this exhibition to life,” said Watson.

Nicole Diaz and Genesis Leon, both students at York University, heard of the event from one of their friends who attends Humber Lakeshore and decided to check it out.

Diaz said that one could definitely see the progression and can picture where the various looks originated. One piece that caught her eye in particular was the era at the start of the exhibit, the 1890s.

“When I look at this piece I see Europe. I picture the people who wore these clothes to be fairly wealthy and known where they live. If I were back in those times, I would wear that. It’s elegant to me,” said Diaz.


One thing the exhibit showed is how both genders would have dressed for any given time. For most of the years shown, there are two mannequins, both male and female.

Sergio Mijango, a criminology student at Ryerson University, said he comes every year because he likes the older styles of clothing.

“I think it’s really cool that they take the time to put this together – not only for the students but also for the public. Every time I come here I wish I was back in those times to dress this way everyday,” said Mijango.

Watson says it depends on the person when connecting to a certain piece or era.IMG_1828

“Some people like the flapper era and some people like the 80s,” said Watson.

Shaune Smith, a Fashion Arts student at Humber’s North campus, said the flapper era of the 1920s represents a classier side in fashion.

“When I think of the flapper era I immediately think of the Great Gatsby. I love the glamorous yet sexiness it brings to those who wear it. It is definitely a time in fashion that won’t be forgotten to me,” said Smith.

Some people even took part in an interactive element of the exhibit where they could try on different accessories ranging from hats, gloves, ties and purses.

Leon was one student that tried on a hat and purse as she was finishing off the exhibit. She said this was not only a fun way to end her experience, but because there was also a mirror which, she believes, acts as a reflection of now.

1930s era styled by Humber Lakeshore Fashion students and faculty.

1930s era styled by Humber Lakeshore Fashion students and faculty.

“Because the exhibit doesn’t include the 2000s, I find it interesting how looking into the mirror allows me to appreciate how my style came to be,” said Leon.

While this exhibit is a showpiece in itself, it truly gives the post grad fashion students the ability to demonstrate what they have learned in some of their courses and apply it to an industry related event, said Post grad Fashion Management and Promotions Program coordinator Susan Roberton.

Students will also get the opportunity to network with eight different fashion industry mentors, and will learn more about the industry.

The 100 Years of Fashion exhibition will be happening until March 9.