Toronto Police use social media to solve 2012 murder case

Dec 14, 2015 | News

by Amy Wallace

Toronto police have arrested a 30-year-old Calgary man in connection with death of Mike Pimentel in 2012.

Pimentel, 24, had been partying at the Liberty Grand Ballroom on New Year’s Eve.

After becoming separated from friends shortly after leaving, he was fatally stabbed in the early hours of Jan.1.

Pimentel was taken to hospital, where he later died.

As part of their investigation, police spread the word on social media, using the hashtag #mikepimentelmurder.

Police tweeted photos related to the case, including high heels, hair extensions and a key chain.

At a news conference Thursday morning, Staff Insp. Greg McLane said the social media campaign was a success.

“With the understanding that witnesses may not be from the Toronto area, the target group for this campaign was national,” said McLane.

“This resulted in a very significant response from the public over social media, and we were able to communicate with potential witnesses internationally.”

Last Thursday, Calgary police and members of the RCMP in Alberta arrested Shawn Poirier. He was returned to Toronto on Tuesday, Dec.9, and charged with second-degree murder.

Police would like to speak with several witnesses, such as the taxi driver who was to pick up Poirier near Lake Ontario that morning.

Anyone with further information is encouraged to contact police at 416-808-7400, or Crime Stoppers at 416-222-8477 (TIPS).