Walking Dead mid-season finale: SPOILER ALERT

Nov 30, 2015 | Arts

By Sarah Wickett

Photo // AMC

Photo // AMC

The final episode of the first half of The Walking Dead season six aired last night. And if you haven’t seen it, stop reading here.

There has been non-stop action and challenges in the first eight episodes for the people of Alexandria, but each episode has been showing just small parts of the story.

Now the characters are spread out over a few miles. Each group has to deal with different problems in their quest to reunite.

Kevin Hickie, co-owner of Millennium Comics, said the episodes leading up to this one were very suspenseful.

“They placed the survivors in an unfamiliar situation, which was a situation of apparent peace and tranquility,” he said. “But as we all know that only lasts so long in The Walking Dead and we certainly saw that come to an end last night.”

The episode begins when the church tower collapses on a section of the wall surrounding Alexandria, letting hundreds of walkers into the town.

Everyone was quick to act, running to the closest houses to take cover, while the zombies flooded the streets.

The previous leader of the town, Deanna, is the only one who is bitten in the episode.

As this is all happening, the ongoing conflict between enemies Carol and Morgan continues.

They get stuck in the same house together where Morgan is hiding one of the members of the wolves.

“Those who watched the episode last night know that the situation is a bit unresolved,” Hickie said. “Without going into spoilers, it looks like somebody who was in that room is in a lot of trouble.”

In another house, Ron locks himself in a room with Carl and using the gun Rick gave him, tries to shoot him.

The noise attracts the zombies and the group has no choice but to escape.

As in previous episodes, the group had to mask their smell with zombie guts so they could walk through the herd.

However, Sam, a terrified child, had a hard time keeping calm and was attracting walkers with his pleas.

The episode ends there.

After the commercial break, there is a two minute teaser for episode nine, which hints at the debut of comic villain, Negan.

“He’s probably one of the most hated villains created in pop culture,” Hickie said.