Trans-Pacific Partnership details released

Nov 6, 2015 | News

Giancarlo Di Peco

The details of the Trans-Pacific Partnership were finally posted on the Government of Canada’s website, but critics have raised concerns about the agreement.

The document, which was mostly kept in secret until Thursday, outlined the agreement between Canada, the United States and 10 other countries involved.

The TTP involves up to 12 different countries in the world.

The TPP involves up to 12 different countries in the world. (Photo/Google Images)

Since it has been made public, critics are concerned about the many facets of the agreement and its hefty length of the 6,000 page report.

“It’s concerning in how the way in which it was negotiated in secret,” said Blayne Haggart, an international relations assistant professor at Brock University.

“It’s nothing like a free trade agreement,” Haggart said. “It’s a very geo-strategic agreement.”

The trade deal encompasses many angles of trade such as tariffs, intellectual property and international investments.

Haggart said critics are quick to compare the TPP to other free trade agreements, but said it has more to do with keeping the countries involved in order.

“[The TPP] is more about setting up rules for where global economics are happening,” Haggart said.

Haggart added he has concerns for the potential increase in costs for consumers and how it will restrict trade and ensure it’s being controlled.

The agreement was agreed to in principle by former Prime Minister Stephen Harper’s Conservative government, but it still requires ratification by the current Liberal government.

Haggart said one of the roadblocks to ratification would be how the agreement affects Canada’s access to the U.S market.

“That’s Canada’s big concern and [Canada] doesn’t want anyone to have an upper hand there,” Haggart noted.

Haggart concluded the agreement keeps Canada and the United States engaged with the Asian-Pacific region.