R.I.D.E. holiday program launches at Humber College

Nov 19, 2015 | News

Kelsey Coles and Eric Wickham

Police and Emergency services from all over Ontario were present at Humber College on Thursday for the launch of the 2015 holiday R.I.D.E. check program.

There were multiple demonstrations covering topics from seatbelt safety to ride checks. The message from police was clear, don’t drink and drive.

Toronto Chief of Police Mark Saunders made an appearance at the presentation. The event was successful “by all stretch of the imagination,” he said.

“The numbers hopefully will indicate that there was a success as a result of what we did today,” Saunders said.

Along with a number of speakers, the winners of Humber’s R.I.D.E. video contest were announced.

Humber student Melissa Andrea Coreas went home with the first place $2,000 prize.

Humber News was at the event and has the details: