One dead, one hospitalized after shooting near Humber College and Finch

Nov 30, 2015 | News


The cordoned off crime scene at Finch Ave West and Halesia Dr Monday morning. Courtesy: Alex Martino

By Alex Martino and Katie Pedersen, with files from Eric Wickham

One person is dead and one is in hospital after a shooting near Humber College early Monday morning at the intersection of Finch Avenue West and Halesia Drive.

The shooting occurred before 5 a.m. when an unidentified suspect shot multiple times into a car on Finch Ave.

The man was taken to the old Humber River Regional Hospital at Finch Avenue and Highway 400.

He and the female driver discovered that location was closed.

Police said emergency paramedics arrived at the old hospital and took the victim to the new Humber hospital site at Wilson Avenue and Keele Street. He was then pronounced dead.

This is the second homicide close to Humber College North Campus this month.

Nearby residents are concerned, including second year Humber student Elizabeth Deakin-Poot who heard the shooting early Monday morning.

“I heard [the shooting] last night and it woke me up but I wasn’t actually sure what happened. This is the confirmation that it was a shooting,” said Deakin-Poot.

“It takes a toll because this is the third [incident] in the area recently and it’s really hard to feel safe. I usually walk through a park to get to Humber so I’m now taking longer routes making sure that I have my phone on me. It’s a very different dynamic from my hometown and it’s hard to feel safe when so much is going on so fast,” said Deakin-Poot.

“I feel pretty safe, but I feel like Rexdale is kind of a bad place to begin with. I don’t think crime is really increasing,” said another Humber student.

Finch Avenue West has been closed between Highway 27 and Humber College Boulevard for an investigation.

Toronto Police said the investigation has been taken over by the homicide division.

Crimes near Humber College

Today’s incident has been the fourth act of violence near campus since August.

Two sexual assaults have taken place on pathways near Highway 27.

A shooting on Alba Place, just north of campus, left one man dead.

Although the crimes have happened in close proximity and in close succession, total crime rates have not necessarily risen for 23 Division as a whole.

The two recent homicides bring to seven the number of murders in the division this year. That’s up from five last year.

However, police say 23 Division has seen an 11 per cent drop in sex assaults in the area.

Breaking and entering, and auto theft numbers are also down.