E-Waste Collection week comes to an end at Humber

by | Nov 19, 2015 | Life

Amy Wallace and Aresell Joseph

A one week campaign to encourage the Humber community to safely recycle electronic waste wraps up on Friday.

The college held E-Waste collection week from Nov.16-20 and Amelia Velasco, manager of sustainability, said there were two collection bins, one at the Lakeshore and one at the North campus.

Students have been able to drop of old electronics, such as computers, portable audio systems and MP3 players.

In 2013, Statistics Canada conducted a survey which showed that ten provinces recycled their old computers and other electronics at e-waste sites.

The agency found that of the 24 per cent of people in Ontario who had old computers , four per cent took them to the garbage, 49 per cent took them to a depot or recycling centre. Another 24 per cent of those people just kept the old computers in their home.

The City of Toronto website offers information on drop-off depots, and options for curbside pick-up.

Humber News on Thursday got a glimpse on Thursday of where E-Waste goes on campus.