What you need to vote in Canada’s 2015 Federal Election

by | Oct 8, 2015 | News

Travis Kingdon and Eric Wickham

The 2015 Canadian federal election is approaching and it is important for voters to understand the process required in order to vote.

You must be registered with Elections Canada in order to vote. After receiving a voter ID card in the mail, then there should be no issues voting in the election.

If voters have not received this card yet you can contact elections Canada to make sure that they are on their list and eligible to vote.

There are approved pieces of ID that voters must bring on voting day in order to cast their ballot. Without them, it won’t be possible to participate.

Those looking to cast their ballot should bring their drivers license to the polling station.

Alternatively, Elections Canada will accept any of the following for identification on voting day. Voters opting to show the combination of these must include one document containing their permanent address.

• health card
• Canadian passport
• birth certificate
• certificate of Canadian citizenship
• citizenship card
• social insurance number card
• Indian status card
• band membership card
• Métis card
• card issued by an Inuit local authority
• Canadian Forces identity card
• Veterans Affairs health card
• old age security card
• hospital card
• medical clinic card
• label on a prescription container
• identity bracelet issued by a hospital or long-term care facility
• blood donor card
• CNIB card
• credit card
• debit card
• employee card
• student identity card
• public transportation card
• library card

For the full list, check the Elections Canada Website.

If voters can’t make it out on Oct. 19, advanced polls open Friday at noon, and run until Oct. 12.