Vegetarian Awareness Week at Humber College

Oct 9, 2015 | Life

Shannon MacDonald and Aresell Joseph

October is National Vegetarian Awareness Month and Humber College has amped up the way it informs students about the environmental benefits of a plant-based diet.

The Humber Community Engagement Sustainability Committee (HCESC) hosted the 2015 Vegetarian Awareness Day in the Learning Resources Centre at Humber’s North campus today.

“We are trying to reach out to all our students and staff,” Jullie Pellegrini, the manager of Learning and Development and member of the sustainability coordinating committee, at Humber’s North campus, said.

“A vegetarian diet reduced your carbon footprint,” Pellegrini said. “It promotes sustainability and there are a lot of (other) environmental benefits.”

Students from the Food and Nutrition Management program assisted with Thursday’s event.

Students were able to review books, pamphlets and an information-packed bristol board about vegetarianism.