Use winter tires? You may receive auto insurance discounts

by | Oct 16, 2015 | News

Jalisa Massiah and Kheon Clarke

The province has announced that if drivers install winter tires on their vehicles, they may be eligible for auto insurance discounts.

Charles Sousa,¬†Ontario’s Minister of Finance, said it’s important for Ontario drivers to invest in winter tires this year due to safety reasons.

Sousa demonstrated in a Chevy pickup the difference between driving with all season tires and winter ones at The Queensway Canadian tire.

He adds that there’s more to be done to improve premiums.

“We’re trying to reduce cost, by going after fraud claims,”Sousa said. “Allowing a hotline so that consumers can protect themselves from those abusing the system to insure everybody benefits.”

Sousa encourages drivers to find out how much of a discount their insurance company will be offering and to shop around for auto insurance in order to get the best deal.

All insurance companies are expected to partake in this incentive. However, there is no mandate in place, so the discount is being left up to insurers.

The discount should begin in January, 2016.