Star Wars lightsaber battle set to awaken the force in Toronto

Oct 22, 2015 | Arts

Courtesy Newmindspace

Courtesy Newmindspace

Amanda Tuzi

Jedi versus Sith- it’s been an ongoing cinematic feud and it’s not over yet.

This Saturday about 1,000 people in Toronto are hoping, in true Star Wars fashion, the force will be with them as they pick a side in a lightsaber battle downtown.

Newmindspace, a local company that stages free outdoor events such as massive pillow fights and bubble baths, is staging the lightsaber battle ahead of the new Star Wars movie, which opens in December.

“We take a favourite childhood activity and then we move it from a suburban setting to an urban setting,” Kevin Bracken, co-founder of Newmindspace, told Humber News this week.

“This was inspired directly by fighting with cardboard tubes at Christmas, after all the presents are done being wrapped.”

The event is free but you have to have your own lightsaber or you had to have reserved yours in advance.

“I’m very excited to know that I will be dueling with amazing fans that have the exact same passion as I do for this movie,” Star Wars fan Vincenzo Grande, who will be attending the event, told Humber News.

“I’m also excited to see people take it the extra step with their costumes and lightsabers,” he said.

On Saturday night of the battle, ‘warriors’ will meet at Nathan Phillips Square around 9:15 p.m. to prepare for battle. The location may change to outside of the Royal Ontario Museum if the Jays and Royals play game 7 in the ALCS.

The battle will start at 9:30 p.m.

The battle isn’t just to revive scenes from the movies, but to interact with other Star Wars devotees. “I’m hoping to meet up with other individuals who share my passion and to overall have a fun time,” said Star Wars fan, Ian Holmes.

Warriors will be asked to make an important decision: Jedi or Sith?

“This is the hardest decision ever. I will have to go with the dark side and be a Sith, because I know the Jedi rise in victory, so it won’t hurt so much, especially around Halloween time,” said Grande.

All this comes from the universe in the Star Wars movie series. It’s controlled by an energy called the force with a good and bad side. The Jedis serve the good and help protect the universe and the Siths are narcissistic and serve the bad.

The epic movie series was written by George Lucas.

In these new lightsaber battles, once the warriors have chosen their side, the countdown begins to start the battle.

“After the countdown there will be a massive rush towards the middle in a kind of Braveheart style free for all,” said Bracken.

“I think it will be exhilarating not to mention loud and filled with battlecries,” said Holmes.

Bracken has noticed that in past battles in places like New York, Los Angeles and Toronto, people who bring their own lightsabers tend to break off and have duels of their own.

“I want the feeling that Star Wars is back and that it basically never left,” said Grande.

“Most of all I just want to duel.”