Humber College preparing for fall United Way campaign

Oct 16, 2015 | News

by Amy Wallace

United Way Campaign

United Way Campaign

Humber College is hosting a variety of events in support of its United Way Campaign this fall.

“The goals of the United Way match that of Humber,” Kavelle Deonanan, event coordinator and community liaison at the Lakeshore Campus, said. “They are creating those opportunities for people to improve lives and also build a better future, which I think is admirable and Humber College believes in that as well, just through education.”

Deonanan says the 2015 campaign is aiming for a goal of $100,000.

Students and Humber employees are encouraged to pledge their support, whether that be through one-time donations or participation in events.

Staff will have the option to take a payroll deduction and a chosen amount from their salaries.

“It’s an all-around effort to show that Humber College understands the importance of giving back to charities, and giving back to our community,” Deonanan said.

Events are happening at both North and Lakeshore campuses.

The campaign began on Oct. 7, with a BBQ held at the Lakeshore Campus. On Oct. 21-23, students can choose from a variety of gently used items at the White Elephant Sale, held at the A Building display area at the Lakeshore Campus. Events continue throughout November, including an opportunity to climb the CN Tower, get pampered by Humber Spa staff and participate in a Spin-a-thon.