Behind the scenes: Canada Wonderland’s Halloween Haunt

by | Oct 30, 2015 | News

Jalisa Massiah and Tamara Shade

Looking for the scare of your life?

Then come visit Tamara Shade and Jalisa Massiah at Canada’s Wonderland Halloween Haunt.

We are two of the monsters in the haunted houses Bloodshed and Terror of London.

On every Friday, Saturday, and Sunday in October we go to work.

Our evening starts with a visit to our costume department and then a seat in the makeup artist’s chair.

Once we are all monstered up, we make our way to the haunted house where we scare the customers who visit the amusement park.

When people enter the park the smell of cotton candy, funnel cake and pretzels linger in the air.

Fooling guests that they’re in a world of sugar and spice and everything nice.

But when the music starts, the gory show begins and slowly the smiles turn to tears.

That’s our favorite part of the job – scaring people to the point where they cry, fall and run for the exit.

Inside of our maze we hide in dark corners waiting for fresh meat.

Some of our tag lines are: “Can I get a bite?” “Are you ready-to-die?” “Jack the Ripper is coming to kill you.” “Straight ahead to the slaughter house.”

The story behind the haunted house Bloodshed is a gruesome tale.

One day the farm ran out of pigs.

And the farmer’s wife decided they should turn from pork to people, so they dined on the neighbours.

They eat everyone they can find and will devour every body part; including your face.

The haunted house Terror of London is based on the serial killer Jack the Ripper.

He murdered prostitutes in the slums of East End London in 1888.

Every room in the house is a nightmare.

You can visit the chapel but your prayers won’t be heard.

You can visit the brothel but all the women are dead.

In this house of horror Jack the Ripper can kill you anywhere.

Still don’t think you will be scared?

Listen to the screams.