Tory “frustrated” over subway extension cost overruns

Mar 6, 2015 | News

The York-Spadina subway map. (Óðinn/ WIKI COMMONS)

The York-Spadina subway map. (Óðinn/ WIKI COMMONS)

By Ryan Poirier

Toronto mayor John Tory voiced his frustrations at a press conference Friday on how much extra money has been pumped into the York-Spadina subway extension.

The Toronto Star said in a published report early Friday that an additional $400 million has been added to the funding of the six-stop subway extension that will run from Downsview station to the Vaughan Corporate Centre.

In a response to a question regarding how much additional money will be going into the subway extension project, Tory said that it was premature to start speculating on an official number.

“The amount of money that will be involved in finishing the subway will depend on what options you choose to take with timing and other things,” Tory said.

Matt Elliott, a writer for Metro News Toronto, said that people have become cynical due to the city council’s lack of commitment to building subways.

Elliott said that Toronto residents “don’t have a great deal of confidence and I don’t think they take it all that seriously when council is talking about X,Y,Z.”

In a blog published on Metro News’ website, Elliott said that there is a possibility that the additional costs added to the York-Spadina subway extension could impact the construction of the Scarborough subway.

“If the Scarborough project goes over budget to a similar degree or more which is very possible because we know very little about the project right now, the city’s in for a world of hurt,” Elliott said.

Tory addressed the question at the press conference regarding the implications for Scarborough.

“I don’t think it says anything at all about the Scarborough subway. The Scarborough subway has been approved by all three levels of government and it will proceed,” Tory said.