Shania Twain announces comeback tour

Mar 5, 2015 | Arts

Canadian music icon Shania Twain pictured with her Juno award in 2011. (WIKIPEDIA)

Canadian music icon Shania Twain pictured with her Juno award in 2011. (WIKIPEDIA)

By Maria-Josee Martinez

Canadian singer Shania Twain shared some exciting news with her fans on Wednesday.

She has announced a comeback tour, her first tour in more than 10 years.

However, the comeback tour “Rock This Country,” will be her last.

Twain announced that this will also be her farewell tour on several morning shows, including “Good Morning America.”

On the show she said she’s planning a new album, her fifth, which is set to be released on her 50th birthday in August.

The farewell tour is scheduled to open on June 5 in Seattle, Washington and will run until August 24, where a final show is set in Fresno, California.

Twain will also be performing in Toronto for two nights on June 24 and 25.

Although it’s the last tour of her career, Twain said she isn’t retiring from music.

Humber College students and faculty members shared their thoughts on Twain’s comeback and farewell.

“I actually was honestly surprised to hear that Shania Twain was hosting a farewell tour,” said Rebeca Mahadeo, 27, student life coordinator of peer tutoring at Humber. “I thought it was kind of early for her but I know she’s been through a lot in her life.”

Mahadeo said Twain’s music is undeniably catchy.

“Personally, I’ve watched interviews with her on Oprah, for example about her relations with her marriage, stuff like that,” Mahadeo said. “I do listen to her music and I like it. I think she’s got really good, catchy mainstream songs. I don’t think I’ll be going to her tour, quite honestly. But I like to hear the highlights of how they went.”

Malissa Motilall, 29, a learning services assistant in the Media Studies department at Humber, said she might get tickets to Twain’s concert in Toronto.

“Shania Twain is back for her farewell tour and I think it’s great that she’s coming back into the industry, just reconnecting with her fans that missed her music.” said Motilall. “I think she’ll have a great turnout and I hope it goes well. Maybe, she’ll surprise us with some new singles.”

“Shania Twain is one of Canada’s premier artists,” says Tyler Barr, 21, a radio broadcasting student. “She’s traveled around the world and she’s been a great representative of our country. So it’s a little upsetting to me because I want to see her live. Plus, I can’t afford Shania tickets right now, so I’d rather wait a little longer. But its good for her. She wants to retire, she definitely has the money, so there you go.”

Social media reacts to Twain’s news.