Majority of Toronto police make 2014 sunshine list

Mar 17, 2015 | News

By Celia Grimbly

The Toronto Police released the 2014 “sunshine list” on Monday showing more than half of its employees made more than $100,000.

Last year, 4,125 employees made the list, including 1,940 employees whose base salary is normally under $100,000, the report said.

The additional funds bumping those 1,940 employees onto the list come from paid duty earnings, premium pay and other payouts such as final vacation pay when employment is terminated.

The report, drafted by chief of police Bill Blair, said paid duty earnings, made by members when not on regular duty, totaled $27.1 million, amounting to $8,909 per member.

The inclusion of paid duty earnings in the Public Sector Salary Disclosure added 544 members to the sunshine list, Blair said in the report.

A summary of the report’s data is organized below.