Cold weather alert comes to an end

Mar 6, 2015 | News

The weather will begin to get warmer in the month of March.  (Photo: Maria-Josee Martinez)

The weather will begin to get warmer in the month of March. (Maria-Josee Martinez/Humber News)

By Maria-Josee Martinez

Toronto will start turning the corner towards warm weather today.

After February was recorded as the coldest weather Toronto had experienced in 80 years, temperatures would jump from-25 C (considered the coldest point) to -8 C (considered the average daily high).

It has also been the coldest month the city has seen for decades, tying records with February 1875.

That year, the average temperature was -12.6 C.

However, with some warm weather expected to arrive as of March 6, Toronto is still expecting to have chilly days but not as bad as February was.

Geoff Coulson, a meteorologist for Environment Canada, said the weather will be getting warm in March, but not too warm.

“Today is really our last cold day. We are expecting more seasonal temperature on the weekend and then expect a few warmer days than normal temperature,” he told Humber News.

Coulson did mention that last month was the coldest Torontonians had ever experienced, however, March will slowly get warmer.

“This is one of the coldest Februarys we’ve ever seen in Toronto and in southern parts of Ontario,” said Coulson.

“Once these patterns set up some time, it can be really hard to break down. That’s exactly what happened these last number of weeks, however, it does look like this pattern is finally starting to break down,” he said.

He said Environment Canada is expecting to see warmer temperatures in upcoming weeks.

In a press release, Dr. David McKeown, Toronto’s Medical Officer of Health terminated the extreme cold weather alert.

According to the press release, “Cold weather services will not be available today. 24-hour extreme cold weather drop-ins will be closed by noon.”