The Exo Glove: like the Power Glove, but better

by | Feb 6, 2015 | News

By Jordan Biordi

A new piece of wearable technology could potentially bring gaming to the next level.

Developed by Breqlabs, together with Humber College and triOS College; the Exo-Glove, looks to turn the player’s hands into the controllers, much like Nintendo’s Power Glove and Microsoft’s Kinect. However, unlike both those things, the ExoGlove actually works.

The ExoGlove uses sensors in both the glove and on the screen to pick up even the slightest movements — from finger waggles to clenching a fist.

While there isn’t much in development in terms of games, the ExoGlove already has many practical uses in design and technical application; basic uses like controlling a remote-controlled car, or controlling a laptop  without a keyboard.
















CEO of Breqlabs, Martin Labercque was showcasing the ExoGlove at the “We Are Wearables” meet-up on Tuesday, and along with some basic insight into how the glove worked, he also provided two demo games to try with the glove including a “Mario 64” style face manipulator and a fish-sim game where players waved their hands like a fish swimming in the ocean.

One of the more hopeful prospects of the ExoGlove is teaching, as President and CEO of Thriver, Rob Whent, said it could have multiple uses for helping kids learn. Thriver is an online portal that specializes in helping kids who are struggling in school, using video games. “I think it’s incredible. It’s got incredible uses in cognitive improvement, and cognitive therapy,” he said.

“A glove like this could be absolutely revolutionary, certainly in the field I’m in,” said Whent.

Whent said that so much of cognitive study is between the hands and the head, so being able to measure those functions though the means of a glove like this could be very interesting.

The ExoGlove is set to release in March, though no official release date is set.