Highlights of what’s to come for the Chinese New Year

Feb 27, 2015 | Arts, Life

Photo credit: www.dogonnews.com

Photo credit: www.dogonnews.com

By Rebecca Hamill-Nobrega

The Goat takes centre stage for the 2015 Lunar New year.

The Goat comes 8th in the Chinese zodiac, which includes 12 animals.

Chinese astrology says people born in a year of the Goat are believed to be gentle, shy stable, kind-hearted and sympathetic, according to chinahighlights.com.

Even though they may appear delicate on the surface, people born under this sign are tough on the inside. Also, those born in the year of the Goat are said to be very serene and calm, providing them with good health and fewer medical problems.

Gary Gu, President of Mississauga Mandarin Association told Humber News the animals associated with the Chinese New Year is a way for Chinese people to record when they are born on the Lunar calendar.

“Every year has a different animal to it and there’s just so many stories to represent each” – Gu

There is significance to every animal and each year for the Lunar Year.

This year, the Mandarin Association of Mississauga is hosting an event to celebrate the Lunar year. They are expecting over 1,000 people, including 400 families at the four hour event.

Is it a lucky year for “Goats?”

Photo Credit: www.chinahighlights.com

Photo Credit: www.chinahighlights.com













Bringing kids and community together

Jennifer Chang, Program Manager at the Toronto Mandarin School said the Chinese New Year is more than a celebration, but an opportunity for families to spend time together.

Every year, the school organizes a Chinese new Year event and this year, they’re holding a market fair. The kids and the parents will attend, where they can take part in the art and crafts, make traditional Chinese dishes and other activities and be sold. All the proceeds will be going towards the school’s library and school events.

Chang said the school hired line dancers to teach the children the traditional Chinese dance. There will be a lot of interactive games for all the toddlers, Goat themed to represent the Lunar New Year.

Courtesy of Toronto Mandarin School

Courtesy of Toronto Mandarin School

Chang said that with the Chinese community in Toronto is getting bigger, and the Mandarin School of Toronto being multicultural, it’s important to teach traditions and the importance of families.

“Everybody’s excited. When it comes to the New Year, its celebration, traditions and culture, I think every one is very passionate” – Chang

 Chang also said the Chinese New Year pulls families together.

Toronto celebrates the Chinese New Year

This year, CIBC is presenting LunarFest in celebration of the Lunar New Year with a three day festival that showcases Asian culture.

LunarFest’s website describes it a festival that brings together soul, art and life on one stage.

The festival will include New year traditions such as award winning dragon dance team from Taiwan, Jhuo Lan Dragon Dance team. Followed, skating under the moonlight, a lantern jungle, a lunar kids hame station and several others.

LunarFest visits Toronto tomorrow and March 1. It runs from 11-7 p.m. at the Harbourfront Centre.