‘Trip around-the-world guy’ inspires ticket-sharing website

by | Nov 11, 2014 | News


After making worldwide headlines, Jordan Axani — also known as the “trip-around-the-world guy” — inspired fellow Torontonian Jordan Bishop to start a flight-sharing network.

Jordan Bishop, 23, founder of travel website Yore Oyster, said he and his team follow travel news to help their community and came across the Axani story and acted on it.

Connections, which can be found on the Yore Oyster website, launched Nov. 7 and offers planned flights to someone with the same name as the original owner at no cost.

“We decided to launch Connections, which is a response to helping people that are not able to make a flight they have purchased, and offer it to someone of the same name,” said Bishop.

The site currently has five flights in place to be picked up: San Francisco, Paris, New York, Tokyo and the around-the-world Elizabeth Gallagher trip.

The idea was partially inspired by the massive response Axani got on his post and also by all the people Bishop has encountered through his site.

“Some people have reached out to us and said that they’re not able to fly the flight they purchased and wondering if we could just help.”

Bishop, who is in the midst of a world travel — currently in Berlin — said since Connections is a new concept and they are not making money from it. The goal is to make it valuable to people and fun.

As for future plans on working with Jordan Axani, Bishop said, “I do expect that we will be able to chat…he’s definitely a creative outside the box thinker so I would be totally open to working with him.”

Jordan Axani’s story:

Jordan Axani, a 28-year-old real estate development manager, caught the attention of the world when he posted an intriguing message on Reddit. He told the world he’s in search of a Canadian passport holder by the name of Elizabeth Gallagher to take a trip around the world with him.

Shortly after the message, social media blew up and Elizabeth Gallaghers from around the globe started emailing trying to get in contact with Axani. Since then, Axani has started a program called A Ticket Home. It is designed to help people who are unable to travel and are looking for partners and volunteers to help.