World Mastercard Fashion Week Kick Off

Oct 17, 2014 | Arts

Erica Wark and David Dixon at the kickoff of World MasterCard Fashion Week

Erica Wark and David Dixon at the kickoff of World MasterCard Fashion Week. Image Aabida Dhanji

By Aabida Dhanji & Casey Taylor

It’s near time to trade in the denim tuxedo and head out to your local Brooks Brothers. World Mastercard Fashion week is upon us.

The week-long event launched Friday with a sit-down interview between Canadian fashion designer David Dixon and style expert Erica Wark.

“I really thought all you had to do was put a dress on a piece of paper, hand it off to someone, and finally, there will be hoards of people wanting it,” said Dixon. “But the reality is that’s not what this business is about, you have to be trained, you have to have thick skin, all by learning very very quickly in order to be a part of this industry.”

He told Wark why he likes Canadian fashion.

“The good thing about Canadian style is that a lot of us are first or second generation Canadians,” Dixon said. “So what our parents, grandparents, or even families before that brought from whatever country they came from sort of instilled ┬áthe most important values in us from that history that still kept us open to this whole new community, which is called Canada.”

Dixon said the week isn’t just about the designers but the industry as a whole.

“The World MasterCard Fashion Week is a celebration of Canadian talent across the board. Whether it’s the stylist, hair, makeup, designers, bloggers, reporters or media, it’s a celebration of all of our talents in the fashion industry,” said Dixon. “What is so great about the industry is that we are respectful of each other.”

Trinity Way lounge at Toronto Eaton Centre will have various events from October 20 to 25. These events will showcase various collections from stores at the Toronto Eaton Centre.

Don’t miss out on World MasterCard Fashion Week at David┬áPecaut Square October 20 to 25.