TTC has stopped usage of bike racks on buses

by | Oct 21, 2014 | News

TTC bus with bike rack

The TTC has stop using bike racks on their buses due to safety issues.

By Jacob Wilson-Hajdu

Cyclists are in trouble if they’re on planning on riding a TTC bus anytime soon.

Last week the Ontario Ministry of Labour ordered the Toronto Transit Commission to stop using bike racks on two of their bus models.
“They found that the bikes were conflicting with drivers sight lines,” TTC spokesperson Jessica Martin said.

The Nova Articulate and Orion VII bus models — two of the most common TTC buses on the road — have stopped using bike racks.

“Those aren’t the only models we have, but it takes up the majority of our bus fleet,” Martin said.

Martin pointed out that things such as baby seats and other accessories on the bikes are a contributing factor to the safety issue. The TTC is working on a way to accommodate all passengers in a safe way.

“They are looking into things such as lowering the racks so that the bikes won’t conflict with the drivers view,” said Martin.

Meanwhile, cyclists are being offered a second option when travelling with their bikes.

“If there is enough space an alternative for passengers is to bring their bike on bus,” Martin said.

But some cyclists don’t see this much as an option,

“Although I am a cyclist, I am 100 per cent against bringing bikes onto the bus,” Stephen Luong, a Toronto cyclist said.
“They simply take up too much space and you never know when a large group of people will unexpectedly board the bus,” he said. “What then? Will the bus driver defend me if other passengers start yelling at me? Do I have to get off the bus?”

This “alternative” doesn’t seem to sit well with other passengers either.

“I take the (Route) 36 twice a day,” Derick Pellew, a daily TTC commuter, said. “Last thing I want is to be standing on a bus when some guy is brushing up against me with his dirty bike.”

The TTC said in its press release it is are working with the Ministry of Labour to resolve this issue.