Humber Halloween Spirit

Oct 31, 2014 | Life

By: Shaneza Subhan and Jessica Lad

Humber students got into the spirit of Halloween and celebrated by roaming the halls of Humber in their creative costumes. Humber News decided to capture their fun and interesting get-ups below.

Aaron Ffrench, first year business student hopes to convert as much evil to the good side today



Valentina Bussolotti (flower girl) and Laetitia Verville (dead student) are both first year 3D animation students at Humber College who are in the spirit of Halloween and can’t wait to scare up a storm today.



Bilal Karolia, 21, Toronto, came to school as Jack Skeleton from A Nightmare Before Christmas, with his girlfriend, Denise Lord, 19,  Mississauga, who came as a ladybug.

They are both in their first year of broadcasting and have been dating since Oct. 30, 2013.



Melissa Yee, first year 3D animation student, plans to take over the world as a mad scientist.



Shun Naito is a first year animation student, who loves to just hang out the cafeteria.



Michael Raffanell plans to swoop through the halls of Humber this Halloween.


(Left to right) Stephanie Barbieri, 50’s dancer; Matt DiSilvia, Wolverine; Ariel Quafisi, bunny; Nicole Desantis, S.W.A.T. team member; Nordya Kalinkina, skeleton; Moises Antigua, Rastafarian; and  Antonio Flores, phantom– are all in their first year of event planning together.



Second year 3D animation student Daniel Bennett, trenched through the school today as Rorschach of The Watchmen.



Tryus Mcintosh is a first year Media Foundations student who plans to swing his way through the hallways of Humber today. Look out! Here comes Spiderman.




Alex Stoupenkov is a first year film student. He came to school today as Snake Plissken from the movie Escape from N.Y.