Rob Ford releases statement

Sep 18, 2014 | News

By Kendra Hamilton

Toronto Mayor Rob Ford released an audiotape from his room at Mount Sinai Hospital Thursday afternoon to thank the people for their “kindness and support” and ask them to back his brother, Doug Ford’s, campaign for mayor.

“For the past 14 years as councilor and as mayor I have worked hard to bring about change at City Hall to make life a little bit easier for the average hard working people of Toronto. I was not alone in this,” Ford says on the recording.

“My brother Doug was by my side sharing my vision, fighting for the great people of Toronto. I could never have accomplished what we did without him,” he said.

“Doug loves this city very much. He’s prepared to tackle the issues head on,” the mayor said.  “Last week I asked my brother to carry the torch and continue the work that we started together. I’m happy he’s agreed. Toronto needs Doug Ford as mayor.”

“I ask you to throw your support behind my brother Doug,” says Ford.

Ford also says on the recording that he is scheduled to begin chemotherapy in a few hours to treat a malignant tumor in his abdomen.