Jeter hangs up his pinstripes

by | Sep 25, 2014 | Life, News, Sports

By Ari Salas

Derek Jeter plays his final game at Yankee Stadium tonight against the Baltimore Orioles.

After 20 years in pinstripes Jeter posts an impressive resume including five World Series titles, 14 All-Star Game appearances, five Gold Glove Awards and a career batting average of .309.

The faithful Yankee captain has remained in New York this entire time and for many is a mascot for the team.

He announced his retirement in February and this season has served as a farewell parade as his achievements have been celebrated at every stadium he visits.

Jeter has received gifts ranging from a kayak in Tampa Bay to steamed clams in Baltimore.

Long-time Yankees catcher and teammate Jorge Posada said “for me he’s number one” on September 7 in a YES Network press conference.

“He did a lot of things well. You’d tell Derek one thing, if he made a mistake or did something wrong, you’d tell him one time and you wouldn’t have to tell him again. And that tells you how strong he was, and for me he’s number one,” said Posada.

Yankees closing pitcher Mariano Rivera retired in 2013. He said that he never saw Babe Ruth, Joe DiMaggio and Mickey Mantle play but saw Derek Jeter play for 19 years.

“All I saw was determination and desire to be the best, so definitely for me he is number one. I always saw the man that wanted to bring the best for the team,” said Rivera.

Tonight New York says good-bye to Derek Jeter. A look back at his monumental 20 year career and commitment to the Yankees: