HSF Presidential By-Election Series: Thomas Walton

Sep 23, 2014 | News

By Danielle Strohm

Get to know your HSF presidential candidates before voting booths open this Friday. In the second installment of our series, Humber News interviewed candidate Thomas Walton.

HSF Presidential candidate Thomas Walton. (Courtesy of HSF)

HSF Presidential candidate Thomas Walton. (Courtesy of HSF)


Walton is currently a second-year student in the Bachelors of Commerce International Business program at the Lakeshore campus. Walton said he chose Humber because of its internship opportunities and recommendations from friends.

He decided to run as the Humber Students’ Federation president after analyzing the disqualification of incumbent president and then-candidate Tim Brilhante in the spring election. “I want to be able to run for president and ensure that something like that doesn’t happen,” said Walton.

He has a passion for renewable energy and is a co-founder of Massey Walton Energy Systems, a company that sells renewable energy technology. His business partner Murray Massey takes care of the science side and Walton the business side.


If Walton is elected, he plans on introducing renewable energy alternatives to Humber. He believes this will lower student fees in the long run.

“When Humber College spends some money on renewable energy products, it’s natural,” said Walton. “Humber College does have the money to do so, and it doesn’t come out of students’ pockets.”

He also plans to create cultural events for international students on Humber campuses. “I recognize that Humber College is an international student environment so I want to bring the environment of the student body together.”

If elected, he says he would like to run HSF with efficiency in a family-like environment. He knows that the presidential term is shorter, given last semester’s election controversy. “Coming in [late] as president, you cannot operate as much as you want to,” said Walton. “I’m willing to sit on the side in a sense and operate on what HSF has already set.”

Fun Facts

  • Walton is from New Brunswick.
  • Walton’s favorite thing about Humber is the the atmosphere. “The students here are so approachable, it’s such a happy environment,” he said.
  • He looks up to his dad. “He’s always been my superhero,” said Walton. “In business, he’s rather strong minded and he doesn’t get pushed over easily.”
  • In his spare time, Walton said he likes to stay active by playing basketball, track and field and running.
  • Walton said his greatest accomplishment is graduating high school and being accepted to Humber College. “Being a part of HSF and Humber College is an honor,” he said.

HSF will hold a candidates forum at the North campus on Tuesday, and voting will begin Friday, September 26.