HSF by-elections promise fresh start

Sep 19, 2014 | Campus News

By: Jesse Noseworthy


Just two days into the by-election campaign, the Humber Students Federation is optimistic about what lies ahead.

Starting next Friday, a three-day voting period will allow students to elect both a president and a member on the Board of Directors.

“I think it’s going to be really tight,” said Ahmed Tahir, Vice President of Student Life. “We have competition in every category.”

Tahir will be moderating a forum between candidates next Tuesday where students will have an opportunity to learn more about the candidates.

“We’re really going to grill into those candidates,” he said. ‘We want to ensure that their platforms are air tight.’


File photo of last years Annual General Meeting.

This by-election is a result of the infamous “election scandal”  last year where then-President Tim Brilhante was removed from the ballot during the later stages of voting.

At the the HSF Annual General Meeting students voted 89-90 in favor of a by-election in fall 2014.

Brilhante was removed from his presidential position at the last Board of Directors meeting in April, barring him from running in the upcoming by-election.

“I don’t want to be dwelling on it anymore,” said Eric Collings, Chair of the Board of Directors at Humber’s North Campus. “The only way to grow is to move on and I’ve moved on.”

Tahir, who is serving his first term as Vice President, said that he hasn’t really noticed the vacant presidential position and feels that the executive team has ran the way they’re supposed to.

“Obviously that wasn’t the greatest (election scandal) but that kind of thing makes this organization stronger and more prepared for the future.”

Humber News took to the hallways yesterday to ask students about the upcoming by-election and found that most students were unaware that the vote was even taking place.

‘I would vote if I was more aware of it,” said Rebecca Pallesich-Medina, a first year Practical Nursing Student.

Some students only knew about the by-election because of various election posters pinned around campus by the candidates.

“I’m only aware because I saw a Rob Gemmell poster,” said second year Kinesiology student, Tanner Ahola.

Tahir said that students’ not knowing about the upcoming by-election was expected

‘Regardless of whether a student is in their first year or last year, they can both be ill informed or they can be really informed,’ said Tahir.

HSF provides information on each candidate on their website.

“It doesn’t really make a difference whether you’re a first year or a second year,” said Tahir when asked about first year students voting after only being at Humber for two weeks.

Tahir said that students should gather their opinion by emailing candidates, asking questions and becoming more involved on campus.

Voting takes place Sep. 26, 29, and 30. Students can also attend HSF’s “All Candidates Forum,” moderated by Ahmed Tahir, on Tuesday at 11:30 a.m. in the North Campus Student Centre.

A full list of candidates can be found here.