Etobicoke reacts to Rob Ford’s cancer diagnosis

by | Sep 18, 2014 | News

Dr. Zane Cohen gives a press conference at Mount Sinai hospital, says Rob Ford has rare cancer. (Vick Karunakaran / Humber News)

Dr. Zane Cohen gives a press conference at Mount Sinai hospital, says Rob Ford has rare cancer. (Vick Karunakaran / Humber News)

By Kendra Hamilton

In Etobicoke well wishes are with Rob Ford and his family but not all agree on how the mayor’s ailing health will affect his political standing in Ward 2.

“I’m sure people will still vote for him, maybe he’ll get some pity votes,” said Kevin King-Scott, a young man working in sales. “I’m sure he’ll still win his ward because people still like him.”

“He’ll definitely get some sympathy votes,” said Daniel Zirnansky. “He’s gonna have stronger support than ever from those already on his side…But that’s only a small percentage and it’s still politics…he’s got a long way to go.”

Other Etobicoke residents said they think the number of Ford supporters will not likely increase and may even decrease in light of recent events.

“Because of his health situation many people will change their minds,” said Fidan Fatih. “People will feel bad for him but…I don’t think this will work in his favour.”

Ford has been diagnosed with a rare and aggressive type of cancer, a malignant liposarcoma, said Dr.Zane Cohen in a press conference late Wednesday afternoon. The mayor will undergo chemotherapy at Mount Sinai Hospital in the next few days, Cohen said.

Due to the condition of his health Ford dropped out of the mayoral election late last week and instead is running to be councillor in Ward 2, a position he held prior to becoming mayor in 2010.

Other Toronto city councillors have not been willing to comment on how these recent health developments will affect the election results in Ward 2.

“This is a personal matter for Mayor Ford and it is for him to deal with,” said Peter Leon, Toronto city councillor in Ward 3.

Still, there are some adamant Ford supporters that said despite being in the hospital they are sure the mayor will win back his old seat.

“Yes, yes yes!” said Lourdes DeGiorgio, who has lived in Etobicoke for over 40 years with her family. “All my family will vote for him. Because he is good. He’s a very nice guy…I love him.”

“I feel really bad for him and for his family and I hope he gets better,” said DeGiorgio’s daughter, Miriam.

Winning in Ward 2 will be something for Ford to look forward to and strive for, she said.

“I think he’ll be voted in hands down,” said Miriam, who has always been a Ford supporter.

Both Miriam and Lordes DiGiorgio said they are confident Doug Ford, the mayor’s brother who is now a candidate in the Toronto mayoral race, will get a lot of votes from Rob Ford supporters.

“Hopefully he’ll become the new mayor,” said Miriam.