Canadian Tire money goes plastic

by | Sep 9, 2014 | Biz/Tech, News

By Jacob Wilson-Hajdu

Canadian Tire money is going digital.

Canadian Tire money will soon also be offered digitally.

Canadian Tire money will soon also be offered digitally.

The iconic Canadian “funny money” isn’t disappearing. It’s just changing.

“It’s always just floating around the truck. I never really even used it,” said Derick Pellew, a technician for Unliux VFC.

Canadian Tire announced its new loyalty program, which is expanding to include a new e-version of Canadian Tire money.

“It’s something that I could see myself signing up for because it would just be another card in the wallet, not a mountain of bills. Plus it seems to be a more eco-friendly,” Pellew said.

Canadian Tire money has been a part of Canadian culture for 56 years and is a unique part of Canadian history.
Allan MacDonald.

The chief operating officer of Canadian Tire said in a press release that Canada’s oldest loyalty program holds a special place in the hearts of Canadians and will continue to do so.

“We’re building on it by introducing another way to reward loyal customers who prefer the ease and convenience of digital currency and rewards, further improving the Canadian Tire shopping experience and ultimately helping our customers tackle jobs and joys of everyday life in Canada,” MacDonald said.

The new loyalty program will have a lot of bonuses for shoppers that will include different options on how Canadian Tire money can be collected.

The expansion of the program will include the ability to collect Canadian Tire money through online purchases, access through a mobile app and collecting 10 times the amount of Canadian Tire money while using a Canadian Tire Mastercard.

Katie Hockton, communications advisor for Canadian Tire, said through an email that Canadian Tire currently has more than 1 billion Canadian Tire currency notes in circulation. She said moving to a digital version of the loyalty program is a great option for the Canadian Tire customer.

“The strength of the My Canadian Tire Money program is that it combines the convenience of digital with the benefits and rewards our customers have grown to know and love,” Hockton said.

As of Oct. 28, Canadian Tire customers will have the choice of how they would like to like to collect their Canadian Tire money.

One thing that’s known for sure is that it will be collected.

“While some prefer to spend it as they receive it, others like to save up for larger purchases, like a riding lawnmower for example,” Hockton said. “That’s the beauty of Canadian Tire money, it never expires.”