GO Transit set to improve food and beverage services

Apr 22, 2014 | News

By:Tyrrell Meertins

GO riders will have something to cheer about in the upcoming months.

The regional public transit service for the Greater Toronto and Hamilton Area aims to improve food and beverage service throughout their facilities. Now a division of Metrolinx, the 47-year-old transit service, which offers bus and train service carries over 65 million customers a year.

Metrolinx spokeswoman, Anne Marie Aikins told Humber News that GO is always looking for ways to fulfill their Passenger Charter by making things like newspaper boxes, vending machines, and coffee kiosks conveniently available in order to make the trip more comfortable.

“Each station is different in size and some are not owned by GO. We have introduced more there are 31 coffee, food, and newsstands plus other retail and non-fare revenue generators to date at GO owned Stations,” Aikins said.

While customers are welcomed to eat and drink on trains, Aikins said offering food and beverages on trains isn’t practical given how busy trains are.

Despite these concerns, GO intends to overcome the issues by installing more vending machines throughout the GTHA.

“We have installed vending machines at our Burlington, Clarkson, Mount Pleasant and Lisgar stations, and we have plans to roll out more vending machines at Bramalea, Meadowvale, Malton, and Cooksville by the end of April,” Aikins said.

GO understands that customers experience lengthy daily commutes, and they’re pushing to consistently improve various services within their system.

“More service, more seating, and better information are what we’re trying to provide all the time. We will be looking to expand to another 30 locations this year.”

Below is a map of the eight aforementioned GO stations.