HSF Controversy: Disqualified VP of Student Life speaks

Mar 18, 2014 | Campus News

By Derick Deonarain and Michael Osei

Former candidate of HSF’s vice-president of student life position, Karnesh Babaria, says “there were a lot of things that didn’t go fair,” in regards to his removal from the campaign.

“I wasn’t given a single warning ever. That was a bad thing because as I heard from the other candidates, they did get warnings and then the strike,” Babaria said.

Babaria cited HSF’s reasons of termination for his campaign.

  • Placed posters inside Student Residence
  • Campaign posters were not removed at the end of campaign period
  • Two campaign ads were left on Facebook

While Babaria accepts the strike for leaving ads on Facebook, he strongly disputed leaving posters on display after the campaign period. Babaria supports Brilhante in his pursuit of an appeal.