HSF Controversy – 4 New Things

by | Mar 18, 2014 | Campus News

By Adam Kozak
with notes from Joshua Sherman

  • There will be a Board of Director’s meeting Mar. 19 at Guelph-Humber room GH101 at 6 p.m. The Board of Directors have a responsibility to facilitate communication between HSF and the students enrolled at the respective campuses.That meeting may include motions to revamp the HSF electoral process, as Kathleen Jolly reported today many candidates were dissatisfied.


  • Next week on March 26, the Annual General Meeting, which students can attend and vote on issues such as the HSF budget and changes to the HSF Constitution, will take place.


  • Natalia Toussaint has addressed Tim Brilhante’s Facebook post in which he disputes his strikes and warnings. In the post, Brilhante said he received a strike for being endorsed on Twitter by an HSF club even though the tweet came from a “personal” account. However, today Toussaint said, “At the time, the Twitter account was not a personal account, it was an HSF club account, and then everything was changed over to be a personal Twitter account” after Brilhante received the strike for the club endorsement. More on this to come.